We Had To
Park It Somewhere!

September 2000
By Michael LaEnvi, Sr. Editor

And boy, did they ever. As you can see, it definitely generates a lot of attention and anyone who drives past Corvette Technicians in North Versailles, Pennsylvania can’t miss it. And that’s exactly what Paul and Pam Lutz wanted.

I recently had the chance of taking an in-depth look at the business after mentioning them an two prior articles which were about a mystery and love affair and the chance of rejuvenation.


The articles appeared in the April 1999 and February 2000 issues in which Corvette Technicians were selected to perform the rejuvenation as the final stage of the mystery.

While they were diligently working on the task, we were able to take a slight peek at the operation from a distance and from that point on, we knew the task would be completed to Jeff Burkey’s ultimate satisfaction. We’ll get back to Jeff later.

Because of Paul’s demanding standards, he wasn’t able to find a facility that was able to service his Corvette to his total satisfaction nearly two decades ago.

What else was he to do than open a business that would deliver those very standards of perfection to his own clientele . . . Corvette owners who wanted the same quality that he required?

His philosophy was and still is, to treat every person as if it were himself and every Corvette as if it was his personal vehicle.


Since he opened the business during 1983, he diligently searched for and found the finest of team members who helped lead its continued growth throughout the past 17 years.

They are very specialized and only work on 1953 to 1982 model years and that includes all services ranging from standard tune-ups to superb complete body-off restorations.

The service area is now 4,500 square feet and is able to accommodate as many as thirteen Corvettes at one time and an additional 3,000 square feet were added just to store used and NOS mid-year parts.  

We also found that during the latter part of every year, the facility is totally emptied so it can be scoured from top to bottom and repainted. It’s literally maintained as if it were one of those super high-tech research labs.

Paul is oversees operations and his wife Pam, takes care of the office and the paperwork, plus customer satisfaction, inventory and the not so easy task of locating the variety of parts needed.

The other team members include Rich Gallagher who is the “master" behind the repairs and can actually restore a Corvette to its assembly line condition.

  When speaking with Paul a few months ago, he stated that, “We average two complete frame up restorations every winter and when spring breaks, we focus on the daily repairs to keep the Vettes on the road during the summer months.

Once the fall hits, we go right back to restorations.

Our customers come from everywhere because they want what we provide.”

At the time we spoke, he added, “Currently the shop has a ‘67 427/435 from North Carolina for a complete restoration and a ‘74 L-82 4-speed from Seattle, Washington and the owner wants us to bring it back as a 100% stock original.

We recently expanded to a web site and a much larger, more detailed site is planned for the near future.”


Photographs courtesy & © copyright Corvette Technicians.
Text (excluding quotes) © copyright Michael LaEnv - Sr. Editor - Vette Vues Magazine.