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1963 Corvette Restoration
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Follow along as we preform a complete frame up restoration on this 1963 Corvette coupe 327/340

This rare Corvette will under go a complete mechanical restoration, as well as a body strip and paint

The engine will be built back to matching numbers and original 340hp specs

The interior will be completely gutted, and every item will be rebuilt or meticulously restored

Body has been lifted from the frame

Unrestored rear suspension

Existing engine and front suspension

Unrestored rear underbody

Existing engine and front suspension

Transmission and incorrect shifter

Completely gutted interior

Bare body shell leaves for the body shop to be stripped and refinished

These are the 63 seat frames sand blasted and primered with self etching zinc primer. Every item is restored no matter if it is ultimately hidden or in clear view.

The seat frames painted with semi flat enamel.

Original 63-64 rear spindles before restoration

Original spindles showing correct center casting for 63-64.

Beginning the paint stripping process.

Rear clip being stripped

Jambs being stripped

Completed stripped rear body

Progress on the jambs proceeds

The powder coated bare frame is ready for assembly.

Original NOS parts, such as these upper and lower ball joints, are used to give the highest quality of originality.

The front suspension partially assembled.

The steering box is completely disassembled and rebuilt to factory specs.

The completed steering box showing cad plated components

Picture shows the cap of the 1963 only steering box with correct part number and original bolts.

NOS Delco brake shoes for front and rear

We use as many NOS items in the restoration process as possible, pulling stock from our 30 year supply of original NOS and vintage parts.

Photo shows completed right rear drum brakes

Photo shows new small diameter half shafts with correct universal joint kits.

Photo of the NOS rear brake shoes and original style brake hardware.

Restored 1963 only steering box with correct flex joint and original bolts

Power coated leafspring before final assembly.

We send out hundreds or original bolts with the correct head markings. They are properly plated with the correct cadmium or black phosphate prior to installation on the Corvette.

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